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How to Ensure Child Passenger Safety

How To Ensure Child Passenger Safety Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Miracle Body and Paint always aims to remind our clients how important it is to follow proper safety precautions when you’re behind the wheels. Taking safety precautions will not only benefit you as the driver, but also your passengers. You should especially make safety a priority if you have children in the car.

There are a lot of myths circulating around about what is and isn’t okay when it comes to handling children inside a vehicle. Here are some car seat myths you need to know so you can make sure you are protecting your young passengers the best you can:

Myth: It’s okay to buy used car seats.

Truth: Car seats also have expiration dates. The plastic component can wear out and degrade over time. We know that car seats can be expensive, but is it worth risking a child’s safety just to save money? If you can’t avoid buying a used car seat, make sure to ask if it has ever been in a crash. This way, you’ll know if it’s safety has been compromised.

Myth: Its okay for older kids to sit in front.

Truth: If your child is under the age of 13, it’s safer if you place them in the back. Just because they can no longer fit in a booster seat, doesn’t mean they’re ready for the front seat. Children’s bodies are still growing and a crash impact can cause more severe injury to children.

Myth: Seat belts are enough for small children. 

Truth: If your child is under 4’9″, he needs a booster seat. Seat belts at this height will not properly fit your children and will only just ride up around their waists or neck. This can lead to more damage in the event of an auto accident or collision.

Myth: My 1 year old can already ride in a forward-facing car seat.

Truth: Children under the age of two should always sit in a rear-facing car seat. Studies done by University of Virginia revealed that a child experiences 75% less injury when they are sitting in a rear facing seat during a car crash.

Myth: Expensive car seats are better than cheaper ones.

Truth: Don’t depend on the price tag to determine good car seats from bad ones. Instead, check which car seats are approved by the National Highway Safety Administration.

Don’t hesitate to contact Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas to learn more about driver and passenger safety. If you require auto collision repair, visit us now!