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How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

It’s not too late for a weekend road trip! It’s surely a great way to spend quality time with your family or friends. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down some important things to check your vehicle before driving off. Here’s how you can prepare your car for that trip ahead:

Make sure to address major auto repairs at least a month before your scheduled road trip. This will give you peace of mind from knowing that your car is in tip-top shape. Go to your trusted auto body repair shop so they can perform a thorough checkup. All cars require proper hydration just like us, so make sure to check your car’s fluid levels such as coolant, oil, windshield washer and brake fluid. When it comes to tires, check your car’s manufacturer manual for the proper tire pressure. Remember that having the wrong tire pressure can affect your car’s cornering, braking and vehicle stability – leading to tire failure. A tire with low pressure creates extra build up of heat resulting to a blowout especially if you go on high speed. A tire with high pressure on the other hand can affect stopping distances since it lessens the distance of the tire to the ground. You should also check your tire tread by placing the edge of a coin in one of the tire grooves. Your tire needs to be replaced if you can see the space above a dime’s head. Make sure to also carry spare tire supplies. Have a jack, wrench and other tire changing supplies at the back of your car.

Clean your car the week before you leave. The lighter the car,  the less fuel it will consume. You’ll achieve better fuel economy if you have less items inside your car. You can opt to get a map or use a GPS locator to help you navigate. It’s a good idea to invest in a car cell phone charger in case you get into any emergency situation.

On the day of your trip, make sure to load your car evenly. Having a balanced weight load can help improve fuel economy. Not only that, it will also be easier on your car’s alignment for that smoother driver. As much as possible, avoid letting your tank get below 1/4 since you might have difficulty looking for a gas station especially if you’re heading to a remote area.

Once you have these checked- you are cleared to go!