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Drive Green

There has been an international clamor for earth-friendly choices. Living eco-friendly as possible will greatly benefit the planet and creating  “green” choices can create a long-term difference. There has been an undeniable increase in awareness and effort with everyone wanting to get involved with caring for the Earth. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down some practical steps on how you too can create green choices for your vehicle and driving ways.

There are now so many environmentally-friendly products on collision repair available in the market. You can do your research and you’ll discover that there are eco-friendly alternatives such as paint that you can use. The truth is, its the people’s actions toward their ecological concerns that can create a huge  impact on how we drive…or more specifically, how we can drive “green.”

Contrary to what some others believe, driving green is actually rather easy and pain-free. If we take a closer look, some of those greener ways can put actual dollars back in your pocket. Not a bad deal for saving the planet as well as saving money for yourself!

Here are just a few tips you can follow so you too can drive green:75

  • Have proper tire inflation – Keep your tires [properly inflated with the proper pressure. By doing so, you can improve your gas mileage by 3% or more. What’s more, having a set of properly inflated tires are considered much safer and can w perform better and last longer on the road.
  • By driving slow and steady, you can save more. If you avoid quick starts and limit your aggressive driving, you can actually save. For example, you can avoid accelerating to pass that car going three mph less than you.  A smooth, steady driving speed will save gasoline and even help lower the wear on not only your tires. Not only that, it can also lessen the wear on the transmission, engine, and brakes. Just by going to 65 mph rather than miles mph, you can already increase your fuel economy by as much as 10%.

Be sure to check back for more auto tips and tricks, brought to you by Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas.