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How To Remove Your Car Interior’s Bad Odor

Car owners very well know how hard it is to remove a car’s bad smell. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas provides some helpful tips to eliminate those stubborn smells.

There are two odor sources. The first one comes from the obvious means – such as food leftovers or spilled liquid. Make sure to throw any leftover or trash before it stinks up the whole vehicle. You should wipe it up or vacuum it as soon as possible. When dealing with spills, you can pull off the road and use a paper or towel cloth to soak up any liquid before it damages the car’s fabric. If it reaches the floor, remove the floor mat and wash them as soon as possible using water and detergent. Make sure to test the cleaner first in a small area to make sure it won’t leave a stain. It is always better to use a product designed for the area you are working on, such as leather or vinyl. If unavailable, most household cleaners are ok.

If you’re planning to use a room freshener to mask the bad odor, it is advisable to use an industrial-strength odor eliminator so you can chemically neutralize and effectively remove any bad smell. This can be bought any home or auto supply store. Leaving an open container of baking soda can work too if you are tight on budget. You can also sprinkle baking soda directly on the carpet and floor mat and just vacuum any left over. Just make sure to keep the surface dry before throwing baking soda to avoid them turning into rocks. An open bag of coffee beans can also be used to neutralize odor. You can leave it in the car overnight and it will work just like a filter.

It must also be noted that some smell may be a warning sign. If there is a fishy smell, the antifreeze may be leaking into the car through the heating system. If there is a smell once you turned the A/C on, make sure to check for any blocks on the evaporator drain.