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How To Safely Change A Tire (PART 1)
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How To Safely Change A Tire (PART 2)

Here is the second part on how to safely change the wheel brought to you by Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas.

Do this before lifting your car

  • It is better to plan your task so you can do it quickly
  • Make sure to switch the engine off and turn on the hazard lights
  • Always apply the handbrake and engage the first gear, P for automatic cars
  • Secure the road wheel diagonally, opposite of the wheel that will be replaced
  • Make sure to remove the spare from the boot or carrier. A carrier under the vehicle may be already rusty and hard to move
  • Put the spare on the ground where it will be easy to fit
  • If fitted, remove the wheel trim by cutting the cable ties or levering the trim off
  • Position the jack in the recommended lifting point. Extend the jack until it just starts to lift the car on its springs. Don’t lift the car further yet at this point
  • Unloosen the wheel nuts/bolts (typically anti clockwise) using the wheel brace and locking wheel nut adapter, if needed
  • Keep your back straight and body weight evenly distributed to avoid injuries

When lifting the car

  • Raise the jack to lift the vehicle enough so for the wheel to be clear off the ground.
  • Remove the loosened wheel nuts/bolts.

When fitting the spare

  • Just do the reverse removal procedure to fit the spare.
  • Avoid oiling the bolts and nuts before fitting them
  • Slowly lower the wheel before fully tightening the wheel nut in a diagonal sequence
  • Put damaged wheel away properly

After changing the tires

  • If you used a temporary spare, remember it has restriction. Temporary spares are usually limited to 50mph. They must be replaced with a normal tire as soon as possible.
  • Always check and adjust the pressure of the new tire as soon as possible
  • Get the wheel nuts tightened to the correct torque figure as soon as possible
  • Always replace or repair the damaged tire as soon as possible