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How to Safely Drive in the Rain (PART 1)

A downpour of rain can be disorienting, stressful and even dangerous even to the most seasoned drivers.  Aside from the limited visibility, there are a lot more reasons why auto collisions occur when it’s raining. Because we know just how an auto accident disrupts your daily life, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio has prepared a list on how you can prepare yourself whenever driving in the rain. Here is our first blog installment:

How to safely drive in the rain tip # 1 – Regularly change windshield wipers

Professionals recommend changing your wipers to a standard six or twelve month replacement schedule. Test them regularly with a heavy stream of wiper fluid. If your wipers leave streaks or partially wet, it is time to replace them.  Another good indication is when there are cracks or torn rubber.

How to safely drive in the rain tip # 2 – Drive moderately

Heavy traffic during a rainstorm is not uncommon, since this environment is prone to auto collisions. The initial lack of traction due to the road material is often the culprit. Your stopping distance is often increased in the rain whenever stepping on the break. Driving moderately can be helpful to avoid such scenario.

How to safely drive in the rain tip # 3 – Time the trips

Trying to avoid the rain can dramatically improve any driver’s changes of getting to their destination safely. Try tuning in to the weather station regularly and time your trips to avoid the downpour. If the news says it might rain at your planned 10pm movie, why not try to book a 7pm screening instead?

How to safely drive in the rain tip # 4 – Always have the correct tires

A majority of cars are equipped with all-season tires which can perform well during rainy days. It is important to remember that these types of tires are what they call: jack of all trades and master of none. If you know you will be constantly battling with rain, it is good to consider a set of tires that is specifically made for heavy rain environments.