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How To Take Care Of Your Car

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas lists easy steps on how you can take care of your car and save you money on repair costs:

  • Know your car’s manufacturer recommended service schedule and include it in your regular maintenance. You can check this at your owner’s manual. Alternatively, you can also call and ask a Miracle Body and Paint technician to help you determine the right type of services your car needs.
  • Make sure to change your oil and oil filter regularly. Not doing or delaying this step is one most common causes of engine damage.
  • Make sure to check all fluids frequently especially during warm season where the extreme heat from the sun can evaporate everything.
  • Remember to use the proper coolant to avoid car damage.
  • Always make sure your tires have pressure. Make sure to rotate tires regularly and replace them immediately when the tread is low. Having tires that are not maintained not only affects the overall performance of your car, it can also be dangerous for you and your passengers. A blowout can cause a serious auto accident or auto collision.
  • Keep your tires properly aligned to prevent them from wearing unevenly. Doing so will exponentially increase your car’s high steering performance.
  • Have a Miracle Body and Paint technician replace the brake pads as soon as they start to squeal or get low. This avoids further damaging the expensive brake rotors.
  • Regularly check all lights and signals if they are still operating correctly. You need to have that bulb replaced if one blinker is clicking more rapidly than the other.
  • Make sure to check your  air filter and replace if necessary. If you have clogged or dirty air filters, this leads to lower gas mileage and slower acceleration time.
  • Make sure to keep all your car’s moving parts lubricated. It protects your components from wearing and from friction that results to overheating.
  • Apply a high quality wax coat at least twice a year. Make sure to also quickly clean off any bird droppings or insect remains. Doing these steps will protect your car paint longer.