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Top Choice for Auto Repair: Miracle Body and Paint
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How to Tell if an Auto Body Shop Did a Good Job

How To Tell If The Auto Body Shop Did A Good Job Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

How will you know if your car has been properly repaired by an auto body shop? Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, TX lets you in exactly what you should do:

  • Choose a reliable shop – Go to the best shop first. Even if you chose the best, you should still inspect their work before you drive off.
  • Clear it up front – The process of auto repair starts the moment you drop off your vehicle. Make sure to clarify what the auto repair shop can fix the problem and how they will repair it.
  • Put everything in writing – Make sure all repairs are written out for you. When you return, review the paperwork and check if the shop did all the repairs correctly. A reputable collision center like Miracle Body and Paint will go through every repair with you.
  • Your car was thoroughly cleaned – Appearances do matter. Your car should have been washed and cleaned when you pick it up. There must be no dirt or dust, and no old parts in the trunk. A good auto repair shop takes extra precautions in keeping cars clean by using paper and masking tape to protect different areas.
  • Take a closer look – Make sure to inspect all the repaired areas. Check if there are any gaps between body panels. Uneven gaps are a telltale sign that the panels weren’t aligned correctly. Open and close your doors to see if they are properly aligned. If you have front-end damage, check the distance between the tire and fender. If it’s wide on one side and narrow on the other, it wasn’t properly fixed. Turn on your headlights to see if the light beams are aligned. This test is important especially if your car was hit in the front since the frame may have been bent and required straightening. Go down and look under your car for any “butcher marks” as these are signs of poor repair jobs.

Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if you’re concerned that you car wasn’t repaired correctly. When you’re sure something is wrong, bring your car back to the body shop. A legitimate shop like Miracle Body and Paint will stand by its work and fix anything that should be fixed.