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Identify Problems Before They Become Costly Auto Repairs (PART 1)
How To Avoid Being An Auto Repair Victim (PART 1)
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Identify Problems Before They Become Costly Auto Repairs (PART 2)

identify_problems_before_becoming_costly_repairs_6Miracle Auto Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas gives you easy ways on how to spot problems before they become expensive auto repair on your part.

identify_problems_before_becoming_costly_repairs_7There may be a problem with the suspension if your car started to shimmy or shake. Worn out suspension bushings may cause it from moving from side to side. Worn out shocks or springs can cause a lot of bounce and clunk when driving over bumpy roads. Low tire pressure, worn –out or out-of-balance tires may result to a lot of vibration while on the highway. The steering linkage may be loose if there are any vibrations, wobbles or pulling to one side. A pulsating brake pedal may mean that the brake rotors need to be replaced. You may have knocked the alignment out of spec if you had hit a curb, ice block or other road hazards. It is therefore important to have it checked by a credible auto body repair shop like Miracle.

identify_problems_before_becoming_costly_repairs_8Warning lights must never be ignored and need immediate action. When the oil pressure warning light is on, your engine has lost oil pressure or oil level is too low. It may be a sign of a defective oil-sending unit. Temperature warning light means your engine has started to overheat. Make sure to pull over immediately. Once you are safely at the side of the road, pop the hood but do not open the radiator cap yet. This is because the cooling system is under extreme pressure and opening the radiator cap while the car overheats may result to injury. Charging system warning light means that the battery’s charging voltage is already low. Your battery will die in just about 30 minutes due to a faulty alternator or a bad battery connection. Brake warning lights happen when the parking beak has not been released properly. It could also mean that the brake fluid is low or leaking and there is a loss in hydraulic brake pressure. Tire pressure warning lights comes on when one of your tires is less than 25% inflated due to a leak or a faulty pressure sensor.