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Important Items to Keep in Your Car, In Case of an Emergency

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Even if you don’t experience an auto accident while driving your car, there is still a possibility that you will encounter other types of accidents while you are on the road. That’s why you should keep certain important items in your car, in a case of an emergency.

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For instance, you should make it a point to store water in your vehicle. Water can prevent you from getting dehydrated in case you get stranded somewhere. Water can also be helpful during instances when your car overheats and you are far away from an auto body repair shop or a collision repair shop. And of course, you can use water to cleanse some types of wounds when applying first aid to an injured person.

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Speaking of first aid, it is also essential that you keep a first aid kit in your car. Although you should call the paramedics right away in case you or your companions get physically hurt, this kit can prove invaluable by allowing you to treat wounds and to minimize the flow of blood before the medical emergency team arrives. A first aid kit usually contains adhesive bandages, gauze, low-grade disinfectants, pain medication, and antiseptics.

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In case you get stranded overnight and you need to sleep in your car, blankets can come in handy as well. They can help keep you warm, in case the weather is cold at night. They can also serve as makeshift ropes or as extra bandages if push comes to shove.

Miracle Body & Paint, the San Antonio body shop that is an expert in paint and body repair, cares about the welfare of your car. However, we are concerned about your personal health and safety as well. That’s why we are reminding you that you should always be prepared for emergencies that you may encounter on the road.