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Is It Time for a Car Battery Replacement?

When it comes to your car battery, there are many signs you can look out for that will tell you if it’s time for a replacement. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists them down:

  • Most obvious sig is when your car suddenly dies. Always make sure to have your car battery strength checked regularly by an auto repair shop. This is to also ensure that your car doesn’t have bigger problems with its electrical components such as a weak alternator. It is better to include this as part of your regular vehicle maintenance procedure.
  • If your car battery is older than four or five years, consider this as a sign to have it replaced.
  • Improve your driving habits. Avoid sitting your vehicle for long periods since it can take a toll on the battery and wear it down eventually. If possible, plan your routes well to avoid short trips since it can zap your car’s battery life quicker.
  • Check your car’s appearance. There may be a leak if you notice any corrosion or staining around the battery area. It will also be better if you look for build-up around the terminals and don’t forget to clean them to improve the connection.
  • It may be time to replace your battery if it’s starting to smell like sulfur or burning.
  • Avoid undercharging or overcharging it repetitively.

Properly maintaining your car battery can extend its life. Make sure to follow a routine to lengthen your battery life up to 4-5 years. Once you decided that it’s time for a new battery, make sure to check the manufacturers date, group size, CCA rating and reserve capacity. It is also wise to check the battery warranty when you go to buy.

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio hopes that you can use this information when deciding if you should replace your car battery. Visit us again to learn more tips and tricks that can help you maintain your car as well as save you money. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are if you have any auto repair needs.