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Is It Time To Replace My Tires?

Are you wondering if it’s time to replace your car tires? Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio is here to help you determine the answer.

The first thing you need to do is to physically check your tires. It will be better if you check for any wear periodically too. It’s not uncommon for car owners to forego doing this, but checking tires is a good maintenance procedure. If you check them regularly, it will be easier for you to tell if they are still in good shape or not. Look closely with how your tires look like. Does the tire look uneven? It may have alignment problems. Is it bulging inward or outward? This may indicate over-inflation or under-inflation. Are the tire treads blurred already? Any of these signs may mean that it’s high time to replace your good ol’ tire.

To check if your tire tread’s still OK, you can use a penny and insert it between the tread. If Lincoln’s head is covered, then the tread is still sufficient. If you can already clearly see Lincoln’s head, then tire replacement should be in order. If you see bubbling, cupping, or bulging on any part of your tires, this could be very dangerous since it poses a risk of blowing out. Avoid driving your car when you see this sign and have it replaced right away. Other things you need to look out for are nails or debris that got stuck between the treads. Naturally, they can puncture and flatten any tires. Flat tires can be easily repaired. If there are any nails breaking the surface of the tire, bring it to an auto repair shop to have it fixed right away.

If you are living in San Antonio Texas or surrounding areas, head to Miracle Body and Paint for any tire repair or replacement needs. We are very much happy to help and assist you in getting a full set of tires up to that much needed wheel alignment or tire rotation. Go to Miracle Body and Paint now and discover why we are the preferred auto repair shop in San Antonio Texas.