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Keep Your Car Looking Great after Collision Repair -What You Need to Know About Car Detailing

Car detailing is an auto body shop service that allows for the car to look like brand new. What are the things to know about car detailing?

Car Detailing, Car Wash and Car Paintwork

Car detailing and car wash are actually two different things. A car wash is a service that usually lasts ten to twenty minutes and is done to remove surface dirt and stain. Car detailing is a longer process than a car wash. It also offers more than just removal of dirt and stain. And, the process also involves sprucing up even the interior of a car.

Car paintwork is usually a separate service from car detailing. But, although car detailing does not include paint job or body repair, it helps restore the paintwork on the car with a process that eliminates swirl marks or scratches to make the car look like brand new. Miracle Body and Paint auto body center in San Antonio, Texas offers the car detailing service. Call for inquiries!

Car Detailing

There is more to car detailing than just washing. The service offers detailed cleaning of the car and removal of surface paint problems.

Exterior Car Detailing

The process starts with an exhaustive washing of the car’s exterior to remove dirt and stain. Cleaning of the car’s exterior also involves the use of products that can give the surface a smooth finish. Depending on car detailing service, the car can also be decontaminated to remove deeply embedded particles that are making the car surface feels rough to the touch. The decontamination part of car detailing smoothens the car surface. As to the car’s paint, the scratches and oxidation and swirl marks will be removed with a polishing machine. Finally, sealant is applied to give the car surface a protective layer.

Other parts of the car are also given attention in car detailing, so they also undergo cleaning, polishing and coating like the car surface. In addition, the wheels of the car are washed with specialized products and specific brushes. Sealant is then applied to the rims.

Interior Car Detailing

Upholstery inside the car is vacuumed and shampooed to remove dirt and stain. Leather materials are usually conditioned and scrubbed to remove dirt and stain that have settled deep in the materials. When the interior is cleaned, coating is applied to fabric and plastic materials inside the car, because the coating gives hydrophobic protection that make the materials resistant to dirt and stain.