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Know the Truth About Preferred Auto Repair Shops

One question that you haven’t thought of asking yourself after an auto accident is will the auto body repair shop you’ll choose prioritize you over the insurance company. At first you might think that the insurance company is doing you a favor by sending you to their preferred shop. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio is here to tell you that this is not the case. After this post you’ll see why it is better to choose an independent body shop like Miracle Body and Paint for your auto repair needs.

Preferred collision repair shops rely on the insurance companies to bring in customers. This makes them indebted to the insurance company. They must make sure that they rush their repair jobs to help the insurance save on cost. They have no choice but to take shortcuts or worse, use subpar replacement auto parts  Theyneed to make the insurance company happy since it is them who bring in the customers. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they will prioritize the needs of the insurance company instead of yours. What you end up patronizing is a business-driven shop that is not customer-oriented.

You must never settle for any auto body repair shop that delivers less than what you deserve. Miracle Body and Paint believes that every customer must be empowered with their choices.  Since independent shops are not burdened by any obligations from an insurance company, you can be rest assured that we will give you the service you rightfully deserve. Miracle’s owner, Manuel Rubio has created a team that is focused and highly driven on serving you and our other clients. You no longer have to wonder if you are getting quality auto repair. Our continuous standard has enabled us to maintain our A+ rating from the BBB. We don’t stop there. Aside from giving high quality service, we also aim to save you money. Instead of giving discounts to the insurance company, we pass it to you instead in the form of deductible discount. Choose Miracle Body and Paint and find out for yourself why we  are considered the number one collision repair center in San Antonio Texas.