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Number 1 Auto Repair Shop In San Antonio Texas

There are a lot of auto collision repair shops which ranges from one-man shops to multi-billion dollar corporations in San Antonio Texas.  Finding the right repair center is always a challenge after an auto collision. To some people, collision repair has become such a big headache to deal with and are resigned to think that all auto body shops are just the same. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio area tells you that this is not the case. Truth is, not all body shops are the same- Miracle Body and Paint is different among the rest. Many auto repair shops promise to save you on the cost, only you to find out that you need to shell out more money in the long run.

To help you find the right shop, here are the top 3 things you should consider.


Have no plans to report the incident to your insurance company? It is still possible to save money by looking for a shop with a good price but high quality service. Be extra careful since some low cost shops tend to use cheap materials especially when it comes to paint. Cheap paint is evident since will fade just after 3 years. It may not seem like a big deal now but ff you go sell or trade in your car in the future, that faded patch will definitely lower your car’s resell value.


A lot prefer a shop that is closest to them or follow what their insurance company refers. It may be convenient at first but the only reason insurance companies refer you to a particular body shop is  because they have a pre-existing deal with them. You are actually going to an auto repair shop the needs to do shorter repair time. The reason? Shorter repair time saves the insurance company money, but at the expense of a hurried, sub-standard service.


he quality of the parts used is a big part when it comes to determining a body shop’s quality of work. If you don’t demand quality from the beginning, you will soon suffer issues like rattling parts and misaligned panels along the road.