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Looking for Paintless Dent Removal Service? Choose Only Miracle Body and Paint!

There have been a lot of paintless dent removal shops that popped up all around San Antonio, and it seems like finding a professional shop is becoming more and more difficult. If you are one of the people who are looking for this type of shop, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio suggests going for a full service paint and body center instead. We give you three reasons why it’s better to choose a full service auto shop like Miracle Body and Paint when it comes to paintless dent removal.

You can get deductible discounts and rebates

Miracle Body and Paint make sure to pass discounts on labour and parts directly to our customers. We know hail damage can get very expensive. We give full deductible and even give refunds above a person’s deductible. You can’t get that from a typical paintless dent removal shop.

You get quality service and repair

Those shops that suddenly pop up in parking lots are not manned by professional repair technicians. At first look they may look capable, but if you look closer you’ll see that their facilities were just ordered online. If you go with these pop up shops, you are entrusting your car to a person who has no formal training and with no proper equipment. It is better to have your repairs done by a professional so you can be rest assured things are done right.

You receive guaranteed work

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio has been around for over 25 years already. We are proud to stand by every repair we have done over the years. Since we are a full service paint and body shop, we make sure we have invested in the best tools.  Because of this we are confident we can give you a better repair job, we are even willing to offer a lifetime guarantee!

Make sure to choose an auto body and repair shop that is trustworthy. Miracle Body and Paint has maintained an impressive A+ rating with the BBB. If you want your repair done right, choose only Miracle Body and Paint.