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Miracle Body and Paint’s Ultimate Car Care Guide (PART 3)

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas is back again for this week’s care and maintenance tips which can help your car run in top-notch condition. We have gathered only the best expert advice and car care tips, so be sure to check in every week.

miracle_body_and_paint_ultimate_car_care_3_2Pick the best auto insurer

Auto accidents or collisions aren’t always unavoidable, even to the best drivers and no matter how much care we put into driving. A good auto insurer will authorize and pay for any damaged part and repair your car following the best possible market standard.

miracle_body_and_paint_ultimate_car_care_3_3Try to have an auto log

It is best to have a pad and pencil in your car’s glove compartment. You can use them to keep a record of all your gas fill-ups and car mileage. Keeping track of everything will help you notice changes that might possibly be affecting your car. If you started noticing that your gas mileage is getting worse, be sure to mention it to the car repair service. It could be an early warning sign that there is something that needs to be fixed in your car.

miracle_body_and_paint_ultimate_car_care_3_4Take precautionary measures if you will be storing your car

It is best to store your car properly if you will not be using it for more than a month. Doing so will help prevent unnecessary damage or repairs in the long run. Some practical tips include:

  • Make sure the tank is full to avoid condensation from accumulating in the gas tank. It is best to put a fuel stabilizer and then drive it around a bit to help the fuel distribute properly to all engine parts.
  • It is better to thoroughly wash and wax the car in order to protect the finish.
  • Put a vapour barrier, such as a 4-mil polyethylene drop cloth, on the garage floor.
  • To avoid brake corrosion, unfasten the parking brake.
  • It is a good idea to place the car on jack stands to remove the weight off from the wheels and tires
  • Disconnect and remove the battery to avoid drainage.