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Mistakes People make trying to save money on Auto Body Repair Cost

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Last week we discussed ways to save money on your deductable. Many people often have ideas of their own on how to save money on auto body repair. This week we will give you 2 ways people who try to save money end up either spending more money in the long run, or get left with a bad auto body repair job.
1. The low ball Auto Body repair estimate. Some shops will provide a low ball estimate in order to get you into the shop. Once they have your car they will continue to find things wrong with it. It is not uncommon to find some additional damage once parts are removed, but most experienced shops can anticipate unseen damage and include it in their estimate.
2. Choosing low rate shops. It may be tempting to choose a shop with a reputation for low prices, but find out how good the products they use are and how long they warranty the work they do. Many low price shops use inferior paint that fades after 2 or 3 years in the Texas sun. This will make the repaired area look lighter than the rest of your vehicle. This not only makes your vehicle look bad, it also hurts the resell value.
These are just a couple of the most common ways people come to regret choosing a shop other than Miracle Body and Paint to do their repair. At Miracle we use the best Paint available on the market and offer a lifetime guarantee on our repair work. If you are involved in an accident in San Antonio or the surrounding area, stop by Miracle Body and Paint at lest us show you how much money we can save you on your repair.