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Keeping Auto Body Repair Prices Down – 3 easy ways

closeup of two car accident.

Auto body repair prices can be very costly if you want the job done right. For many people the insurance provider will pick up the majority of the bill, and those that choose Miracle Body and Paint will pay a portion of their deductible. However, there are those people that choose to repair their vehicle out of pocket. They choose to do so because they do not have collision or comprehensive coverage, or they do not want to report minor accidents to their insurance provider. For those people we will discuss three options that will allow you to save money on your repair without sacrificing the quality of the work you receive.
1. Have parts repaired rather than replaced when possible. In some cases a damaged part may be repairable. It may take a little bit more time but the result will look just as good. Often times to save on rental coverage an insurance provider will request a new part so the repair is done faster. If you have the time, and the part is repairable, than it pays to wait.
2. Don’t have minor areas repaired. Often times in an accident several parts of the car will be damaged. Some very minor damage may occur on a fender when the bumper is hit. The fender damage may be very minor and un-noticeable unless you look closely. In this case it saves to not have that repaired, especially if it does not interfere with the cars ability to drive. The damage we are describing here would be the equivalent to a door ding you may get in a parking lot. This could save you at least a hundred dollars in repairs.
3. Choose Miracle Body and Paint. Even if you choose not to use your insurance provider we still pass on the parts and labor discounts to you. You could save hundreds of dollars on repairs with our discounts without sacrificing the quality of the work we do.
If you are involved in an auto accident or had auto body damage caused by an unforeseen road hazard or act of nature than stop by Miracle Body and Paint and see why so many people in San Antonio have chosen us to be their #1 choice for auto body repair.