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Most Common Injuries in a Car Accident

A person involved in a car accident would be so lucky to survive an accident with only a few scratches or bruises. There are car accidents that result in serious injuries and even fatalities. According to an article on, in Texas alone there are 3,000 people each year that suffer serious injuries that then lead to fatalities.

Car accident injuries must not be ignored because they could turn into life-threatening conditions. The articles provides information on some of the most common injuries sustained by people who have been in a car accident.

Back Injuries

Back injuries because of accidents can make a person suffer from pain that makes them unable to work. A person who is suffering from back injuries may also have a diminished quality of life. Car accidents often cause back injuries, especially the types that affect the lower back.

Broken Bones

It is common for a person involved in a car accident to have fractured or broken bones. There is a possibility that such injuries cause serious internal complications. The injuries can disable a person for months. It could take months for fractured or broken bones to heal properly.

Lost Limbs

A finger, arm or leg may need to be amputated as a result of a person being injured in a car accident. Amputees have permanent scarring and pain that lasts a lifetime. The disability of an amputee is often irreversible, and there is a drastic change in the lifestyle of a person who has lost a limb because of a car accident.

Neck Injuries

A rear-end accident can cause a person involved in the accident to have neck injuries because of whiplash. The less serious neck injury sustained in an accident is neck strain. It is also possible for a person to have more serious injuries like damaged disc or cervical dislocation because of an auto accident.

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