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Preferred Auto Body Repair Shop’s Dirty Secret

Have you ever noticed that some auto body repair shops change names frequently? Usual story goes like this: An auto body repair shop gets bought out by some new company from out of town or even out of state.

What you may not know is that this is not true. There is a reason why so many shops change names so often and why auto collision shops like Miracle Body and Paint that stand the test of time are so rare.

One of the reasons are insurance carriers. Insurance carriers tend to have preferred collision repair centers. These preferred shops have an agreement with the insurance company to estimate and repair as many clients that insurance carrier can send them. In exchange for this constant stream of client,  they will save the insurance company money by providing the estimates and providing discounted rates to the insurance provider. This deal is good for them but if you take a good look, the client is left behind to suffer.

This type of agreement creates a situation where the auto body repair shop views the insurance carrier as the client. Their aim is to make the insurance company happy, not you. Independent auto body shops like Miracle Body & Paint don’t have this burden. We don’t depend on insurance companies to send us business; we rely on our client’s satisfaction and their positive referrals.

A lot of auto body repair shops change names simply because they lose contracts. Once a collision repair center gets overwhelmed with work they either get too slow to keep up with the work, start cutting corners and do bad work, or they get undercut by another shop willing to give an even steeper discount to the insurance provider. In any case, the new auto collision repair shop with the contracts finds itself overwhelmed and needing to expand, they buy the old preferred collision repair shop that used to have the contract, and the cycle repeats itself.

So make the better choice. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio is here to assist you, not to help those insurance companies make more money. Call us now!