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Protect Your Car During Winter (PART 1)

protect_car_winter_2Winter’s frost and hail will make driving more dangerous. Your car can also take a beating in this cold condition. Miracle Auto Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down practical ways to keep your car in good shape and in good working order this winter.

Use anti-freeze

Make sure you use a coolant that contains anti-freeze all year round. Not only will this prevent corrosion, this can also protect your car’s metal from cracking as temperature drops.

Use de-icer

You may have experienced waking up and finding that your car has already frozen over. It’s better if you have a can of de-icer at hand this season.

protect_car_winter_3Invest in winter tires

Winter tires can be an expensive investment, but if you rely highly on your car during winter, it might be worth buying. They give more grip especially when temperature drops.

Inspect your existing tires

If you decide against getting winter tires, make sure you check the tires you currently have. Make sure they still have enough tread. If they drop below 3mm, it is advisable to change them. Braking on a wet road at 50mph takes an additional two car lengths to stop if you are below the tread limit.

Make sure to clean the lights, number plates and windscreen

Winter often brings darker nights. So make sure other drivers can clearly see you by giving your lights, number plates and windscreen a wipe down.

protect_car_winter_4Check your wipers

If your wipers are already leaving a smear, it’s time to replace them. It only takes a minute to change and does not cost a lot.

Top with screenwash

During winter, windscreens get a lot dirtier. Make sure to use screenwash rather than plain water. It will be better in cleaning dirt and will not freeze solid.

Make sure to get your car checked

Winter can definitely put a lot of stress to any car. It is highly advisable to have it full serviced before winter starts in order to prevent any possible mechanical failure. Make sure to choose a reputable auto body repair shop before it’s too late.