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Why You Need To Have Your Car AC Checked Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Why You Need to Have Your Car AC Checked
Not All Auto Repair Shops Are Created Equal Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Not All Auto Repair Shops are Created Equal
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Protecting Your Auto Investment

Protecting Your Auto Investment Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

An average car in the United States can last up to 11.8 years. This is definitely a great improvement compared to the vehicles from the 70’s and 80’s. The reason behind this could be that we have have better machining, better build quality, and better engineering nowadays.  Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio lists ways on how you can keep your car running longer:

  • Don’t skimp on oil change schedules -Making sure you follow a regular oil change schedule is one of the best ways to get the most miles out of your car. Your engine needs clean motor oil to reduce heat and to serve as a film of lubrication that cuts friction. Combustion generates a great deal of contaminants that makes their way into motor oil, causing premature wear and build up on crucial assemblies. Even if formulations of motor oil and additives have improved, it is still crucial to stick with a 5,000 mile oil change for conventional oil and a 10-12,000 mile oil change for synthetics.
  • Regularly change car fluids – Regular transmission fluid changes eliminate heat buildup, as well as the accumulation of varnish and other contaminants from oxidized automatic transmission fluid. To stall the natural process of corrosion, it’s best to perform a coolant flush at manufacturer’s recommended intervals.
  • Take care of your car’s finish – Regular wash-and-wax jobs can help slow down corrosion and rust, and can prevent protect your car pant longer.
  • Follow good driving habits – Your driving habits are a big factor when it comes to car longevity. Go easy over bumps and railroad tracks, avoid jackrabbit starts, and don’t idle for too long at a time.

Miracle Body and Paint is here to service you with the best auto repair and maintenance in the San Antonio area.  Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us whenever you need maintenance or auto repair. We’ll do our best to make sure your car is taken care of.