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Pursuing Compensation for Property Damage and Medical Expenses after a Car Accident

Pursuing compensation for injuries sustained because of a car crash is possible with the help of a lawyer. According to an article on BarrusLaw.com, there are different ways for people that have been involved in a car accident to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The types of compensation include property damage, past medical expenses and future medical expenses.

Property Damage

Repair costs associated with a car damaged in an accident should be paid by the insurance company of the at-fault driver. The cost associated with getting a rental car is also included in the expenses that the insurance company needs to pay.

Past Medical Expenses

People who have been injured because of a car accident usually refer to past medical expenses as simply “medical expenses”. The medical expenses are costs of medical care that have already been incurred at the time that the claim is settled. Past medical expenses are expenses paid by the claimant and the insurance company of the claimant. The expenses also include the money that is still owed by the claimant.

Future Medical Expenses

Future medical expenses are an estimated cost of medical expenses that a claimant needs in the future. Filing a claim for such expenses should require the help of a lawyer to be able to get compensation. According to the article, an experienced attorney knows what evidence is needed and gives a claimant a chance to to have a claim for future medical expenses be considered in a settlement agreement.

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