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Safety Driving: Importance of Stopping and Steering (PART 1)
Miracle Body and Paint’s Ultimate Car Care Guide (PART 1)
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Safety Driving: Importance of Stopping and Steering (PART 2)

safety_driving_steering_brakes_6To continue San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint blog on the why stopping is steering are important factors when it comes to driving safely, here are some of the brake service safety tips:

safety_driving_steering_brakes_7First tip is to make sure to invest in high quality brake pads. If the rotors become too thin or become too close to the minimum required thickness, it is very important to have them replaced immediately. A good technician can check if the car’s specification dimension and your rotor’s actual thickness is still OK. For older vehicles with their original equipment rotors attached, replacement is usually unavoidable. Make sure to have the brake callipers inspected to check if any moving parts like slides and bleeder screws have already corroded or frozen up. Remember that a low quoted price may not always be a good thing for your brakes, sometimes it will lead to an incomplete brake system service. When deciding any auto repair cost, always consider the quality of work and the parts that will be used.

safety_driving_steering_brakes_8When it comes to basic brake pads and rotor replacement or resurfacing quotations, older cars should consider getting service if:

  • The brake hydraulic system has never been flushed;
  • Moisture and impurities have accumulated from the fluid reservoir, lines, calipers and/or wheel cylinders and
  • The rubber-type flex brake hoses are hard, cracked or already old

If you decide to resurface or reuse your rotors, better to request to have your wheel bearings inspected first. If you are driving a rear-wheel-drive car or truck, make sure to have the front wheel bearings checked and repacked with new grease along with changing the seals. This is to ensure you will not be stranded over a cheap bearing or seal. Ask for a new brake hardware kit installed for replaced brake shoes and refinished drums. The technician can ensure that each assembly’s wheel cylinder pistons, starwheel adjuster and bleeder screw are not ticking or seized. Lastly, always make sure to have your emergency brake assembly tested regularly. Remember Small investments when it comes to vehicle maintenance go a long way.