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Safety Driving: Importance of Stopping and Steering (PART 2)
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Safety Driving: Importance of Stopping and Steering (PART 1)

safety_driving_steering_brakes_2The number of cars being driven in the US is growing steadily. As of 2011, there is already about an estimated 240.5 million vehicles and light trucks on out there on our roads. One of the biggest risks drivers encounter is when a car is not braking and steering at its best. A difference of just an inch of any car’s stopping distance can already result to various auto accidents and auto collisions. Roads that are crowded are not the only problem nowadays, some roads are in need of repair and much of our highway system as well as bridges needs to be maintained or repaired. In areas that have cold climates, the harsh weather causes a freeze/thaw cycle which causes pavement cracks and holes. Those in hotter climates on the other hand suffer from potholes due to the heat, heavy cargo hauling and neglect. All of these factors can affect the handling of any vehicle. Bad roads cause suspension components that are important when it comes to steering control and handling.

safety_driving_steering_brakes_3Good news is you don’t have to be a car expert when it comes to making sure your car’s stopping and steering systems are in safe condition. If you are in the San Antonio Texas area, you can go to Miracle Body and Paint to have a professional technician check any possible problems as well as identify any potential concerns. Some concerns such as the thickness of rotors and checking if the brake lines and hoses are worn need to be checked by a trusted technician.

safety_driving_steering_brakes_4It is better to invest now than pay a higher cost a lot later. Putting off repairs for too long can result to higher costs in the future. When it comes to a typical brake job service, aside from buying new brake pads, the brake rotors need to be replaced as well if neglected for too long. New rotors cost as much as $50 to $250 each wheel depending on the vehicle application. It is therefore important to do any car maintenance early on. Putting it off can mean expensive repair later.