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What should you do after an auto accident?
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San Antonio Body Shop Focuses on Quality Repairs

Mechanic in Painting Booth Spray Wooden Part of Furniture or hood of a car.

Are you involved in an auto collision? If you reside in Texas, it is your right to choose an auto repair shop that will fix your vehicle.

Insurance companies may encourage you to take your car to certain body and paint shops. However, this doesn’t mean you have to. These collision repair shops might be shortstaffed or under pressure by insurance companies to complete repairs quickly. These shops may be unable to complete repairs at a high quality.

Miracle Body and Paint can perform repairs to your vehicle that will satisfy you. The staff at this independent San Antonio body shop is twice as many as the collision repair shops that service approximately the same number of vehicles per month. Manuel Rubio, owner of Miracle Body and Paint personally inspects every vehicle that is repaired by his staff to ensure their customer satisfaction. This greatly reduces the likelihood that you or your clients will have to return your car to the shop for any follow-up repairs. These are just a few of the reasons Miracle Body and Paint is still rated A+ by the BBB.