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Two Hospitalized as Driver Crashes Into Vehicle in San Antonio
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Pickup Stuck Under Truck in San Antonio Collision

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A semi tractor and trailer has crashed on a highway and workers are cleaning up the scene. The scorched tractor is to the left and trailer with a replacement tractor are in the background. Focus is on a the skid mark which has crossed a solid yellow road dividing line.

A pickup was stuck underneath an 18-wheeler during a heavy rain storm in San Antonio after midnight on Tuesday.

The crash occurred on SE Loop 410 near Roosevelt Avenue when the pickup crashed into a jackknifed 18-wheeler.

The 18-wheeler had lost control and jackknifed on the highway when the pickup crashed into it and caused it to become stuck underneath, San Antonio Police Department said.

Both drivers sustained no injuries and were able to walk away.

It was raining heavily when the accident happened. 

Wet roads are believed to have contributed to the cause of the crash.

No charges are pending.

An underride truck accident occurs when a smaller vehicle slides under a truck.

The unusually huge size of tractor-trailers increases the rate of fatality in an underride truck accident, often leading to life-threatening injuries or death.

A smaller vehicle may go underneath the back frame of a truck during tailgating or in bad weather, making it difficult for the driver to notice the big rig on time.

An underride truck accident may also be as a result of sheer negligence on the part of the trucker like failure to notify other motorists when parked on the road, non-use of underride guards, or inability to maintain the brakes, reflective tape or taillights.

Miracle Body and Paint recalls that trailers have been required since 1993 to use reflective tapes on the sides and rear, but many older trucks lack this feature.

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