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Should You Change Your Tires? (PART 2)

change tire 5There are literally hundreds of tire brands available in the market today with various ranges of styles, construction, composition and price. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio has put together these tips to make your selection process easier and more effective.

Know the Tire Code

Figuring out the numbers on the tire’s sidewall can be a bit confusing. Federal law has required a simple standardized code to identify the tires in case of recall. A good tire center can explain these codes to you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and let the tire guy explain the features and codes on the tires.

change tire 6Consider the rims

Rims are considered one of the most popular customization options for cars today. You might want to consider buying a new set of rims when replacing your worn or damaged tires. However, you should consider more than just the appearance. Trying to match the size of the manufacturer’s as close as possible. Bigger wheels might look ok, but complications may arise when it comes to mathematical proportions. A bigger wheel comes with a lower aspect ratio tire. The tire’s outside diameter needs to remain the same so handle and turn is still maintained properly. The sidewall is crucial when it comes to handling, comfort and noise management. Basically, the shorter the sidewall, the less it will be able to flex when the car turns. A bigger wheel may result to a harsher and squirrelly car. Some custom wheels are heavier which can negatively impact the suspension or fuel mileage. If you still want to use bigger wheels, make sure to do research before making the decision. Be careful not to sacrifice too much handling just for the appearance.

change tire 7Go with a full, matching set

You may think it’s ok to just change that one tire that is the most worn out, but modern suspension technology is meant to work better with a matching set of tires. You will be maintaining your tires better in the long run  and get a highest degree of safety and predictable handling if you replace all four at once.