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Signs Your Auto Body Paint Shop Did a Shoddy Job

Spotting a shoddy auto body paint job is a piece of cake, right? Wrong! It is not always the case because sometimes it’s hard to notice these flaws unless you take a closer look under the sun. So, what are the red flags to look out for before taking your vehicle home from the auto body shop? Your local professional auto body repair center, Miracle Body and Paint, wants you to always check for the following signs before taking your vehicle home from the body shop.


Some unscrupulous auto body paint shops provide quick-fix solutions to clients. If you aren’t well informed about auto painting, you might term taking your ride home as soon as possible as an incredible idea. But the real story is that such technicians skip crucial steps while painting. Sometimes, they fail to mask off sections where there is repair repainting, and these unmasked sections tend to have overspray paint. Apart from making it difficult to remove, it necessitates repainting of more areas.

Poor Color Matching

The moment an auto body shop retains unprofessional auto painters, matching paint colors becomes an uphill task. And sadly, most car owners fail to see some small blotches, swirls, and streaks on the panels. While inferior color matching errors can be difficult to spot, looking under the sun will clearly highlight the mistakes.

Uneven Texture

There is a distinct technique about how auto paint is sprayed. Spraying very close to the surface leads to textures that seem uneven, especially those that look like orange peels, waves, or ripples. This kind of scenario usually occurs if the painter does a hurried job or if heat is applied to dry the paint quickly before adding another layer of paint.

Running or Sagging Paint

Nothing ruins the look of your car than sagging paint, and the most likely cause is incorrect mixing of paint. Layer the paint too thick, and it’ll run while drying beneath a heat lamp. If the paint runs and sags, the result will be long, droopy, and disgusting wrinkles that absolutely spoil the look of your ride. Although the sagging can be subtle at times, you would definitely prefer a 100% superior paint job that’s polished and smooth.

Miracle Body and Paint Shop

As a car owner, you should never settle for a shoddy and inferior paint job. If you spot any of the mentioned issues on your newly painted vehicle, always seek another opinion from Miracle Body and Paint, the most accomplished auto body repair and paint shop around. We offer premium auto painting, and we are waiting for your call.