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Tips for Fall Driving

Tips for Fall Driving Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

The change of season always poses driving dangers, even on an all-too-familiar road. The professionals at Miraicle Body and Paint want you to remain safe this fall. We’ll be exploring the pitfalls ofΒ driving during this season.

  • Start of school traffic – Th start of school means there are more cars on the roads, more frequent bus stops, increased pedestrian traffic, and parents with more hectic schedules. Being more aware of your surroundings is important if you want to avoid getting into auto accidents or collisions.
  • Season rain – Water can pool over dust and oil during the first rain of the season. Tread carefully since this could create a slippery road and get you into trouble.
  • Fallen leaves – Leaves can be as dangerous as ice. Fallen leaves can slick the asphalt, obscure traffic lines, and potholes.
  • Fog– Mornings tend to have low visibility when fog rolls in. Those living in low-lying areas or in places surrounded by water, hills, and trees are more prone to having to drive through mist. Make sure to slow down and keep a decent distance between you and the car ahead of you. It’s also be a good idea to use low beams to cut through the fog, because high beans just bounce off the fogs and create glares.
  • Frost– Β Frost happens when temperature quickly drops overnight. This can lead to icy spots on the pavement, bridges, overpasses, and shady road areas.
  • Sun glare – Sun glare can impair your vision and make it impossible for you to notice pedestrians, traffic lights, and other cars on the road. This temporary blindness can lead to auto accidents and collisions. Sunlight can even bounce off your rear view mirror or reflect off traffic lights.
  • Deer – Remember that fall is deer mating and migrating season. Make sure to be always on the lookout for deer, especially at night.

Have you found yourself in a weather-related car accident and need auto body repair? Don’t hesitate to contact Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, TX.