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Tired of Your Old-Looking Vehicle?

Auto Body Paint _1Is your car looking too old or worn out? Aside from those minor fender-benders, harsh elements such as rain, storms, sunshine and even the soap you usually use can really degrade a car’s color and finish. If you want to put life back into your tired car, you need to find a good auto body paint shop with certified technicians to do the job.

Auto Body Paint_2Here are the types of auto paint techniques that will help transform your aging vehicle:

  1. Spot Painting – This type is considered as the most efficient and cost-effective way to bring back the beauty of your car. The technician will only choose key spots or areas to repair. The targeted area and its adjacent panels will be cleaned and then block sanded to prepare it for painting. To ensure correct blending with flawless finish of the old car paint and the new one, the technician will perform a multiple masking technique to complete the process.
  2. Whole Painting – If you’re thinking of selling your vehicle, whole painting is the best choice to have your vehicle looking like brand new. The output’s good looks may even give you a higher selling price. The chrome and windows are first covered first to prevent paint overspray. The whole car will be cleaned, sanded thoroughly then sprayed.
  3. Clear Coat – This is usually done to protect the paint underneath. Aside from that, clear coating results to a more consistent and seamless gloss match for your vehicle.

Auto Body Paint_3For the best auto body paint service, trust Miracle Body and Paint. We only use the best paint when it comes to the industry standards. We also strive to get the best technicians in the San Antonio area with at least 15 years of incomparable experience when it comes to paint and body repairs. We are highly skilled when it comes to paint blending; imitating the original hue of your vehicle and only use the best tools to bring you the best service. We are proud of how we perform our task and we can assure you that our paint jobs will last long.