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Choosing An Auto Repair Shop After Collision Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Choosing an Auto Repair Shop After a Collision
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Was Your Car Properly Repaired?

Was Your Car Properly Repaired? Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Do you know how to assess auto repair after you get into a car accident? This is one dilemma that a lot of car owners deal with after a repair process. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, TX is here to help you answer that question. Alleviate your worry and be proactive so you can successfully navigate your way through the auto repair process.

  • Choose the right auto body shop – It all starts with choosing a reliable shop like Miracle Body and Paint. We are a full service auto body, paint, and service shop that repairs all makes and models of vehicles. We’ve been in the business since 1986.
  • Inspect your car thoroughly – Once you pick your car up from the shop, make sure to check all surface areas. Don’t forget to check the gaps between body panels and test if all the doors can open properly. Make sure to look for distance between the tire and fender and test the headlight to ensure your  light beams are correctly aligned.
  • Check the paintwork  – Keep an eye for any completed paintwork. Check if the color-match is consistent and if there are leftover streaks and dirt trapped under the finish.
  • Check if your car has been thoroughly cleaned – A good auto repair shop goes the extra mile and will thoroughly clean your car after it’s repair. Check if your exterior has been cleaned, if the inside has been vacuumed, and if the trunk has been cleaned out.

If you’ve been recently involved in an auto collision and are in dire need of high-quality repair, don’t hesitate to contact Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, TX. We are more than happy to help you with your insurance claim and perform any type of repair your car needs. What are you waiting for? Drop by Miracle Body and Paint  and find out how we are able to perform miracles everyday!