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What Happens After You Choose Miracle Body and Paint For Your Repair Needs

If you’ve never been involved in an auto accident, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will guide you on what you need to know to get your car repaired. We don’t want you to be one of the victims of the insurance company’s “preferred shop” referral. What clients don’t know is that these insurance companies and preferred shops have an agreement: the insurance company will give the shops a steady stream of clients in exchange of faster turnaround (but bad quality) for bigger savings. As an independent auto repair shop, we are not burdened with this kind of deals. What’s more, Miracle Body and Paint passes the discount directly to our clients and offer deductible refunds.

If you are one of the lucky few who have not been in a auto body repair shop before, here’s what you and your car will go through.

Repair estimate

Miracle Body and Paint will give you an estimate of the repair cost. Some insurance companies give their own estimates. If you notice that they don’t match, the auto repair body shop will adjust it once the body panels and bumper covers are removed. The insurance will send an adjuster to the shop to verify the estimate difference. We will then compute how much you can save on deductibles or refund if there is no deductible.

Car drop off

If your car is still drivable, Miracle Body and Paint will schedule a drop off date. To minimize the amount of days of your rental, a lot of insurance companies will request a date. One of our team members will be specially assigned to you. If no car rental is needed, Miracle Body and Paint will arrange for Enterprise to pick you up.

Vehicle pick-up

Miracle Body and Paint has multiple quality control inspection points to ensure that all cars are correctly repaired. After the repair, the owner, Manuel Rubio or one of our shop managers will again inspect the car one more time. A service representative will walk you around your vehicle when you pick it up to allow you to inspect all repairs yourself.