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What Is A Minor Accident?

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You might be tempted to ignore minor fender benders.

While modern car models are safer than ever and safety standards continue increasing, the car’s damage in a collision can be devastating. Our car can “hurt”, just like we humans get minor injuries from an accident.

Should You Ignore It?

Drivers sometimes ignore dents, dings or misaligned Fenders as road war badges. They don’t want to deal with the headaches that come with auto body repairs. They don’t realize that these fender benders could be a sign that there is something wrong with your car internally. How can you tell when it’s time to take your car to the auto shop? Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas explains.

  • All-wheel drives are more susceptible to rear-end collisions due to their unique design. All-wheel technology has a rear axle with drive shaft that can be pulled into the transmission of the car in a rear-end collision. This could cause transmission slippage.
  • Even minor frame damage can cause serious problems, including impact absorption and airbag deployment. These are serious problems.
  • Although you may think that the pothole bounce is a mere jounce, it can cause damage to your tire and wheel rim, wear the shocks and suspensions, and misalign the steering system.

Don’t Ignore Damage

It is important to remember that car accidents can cause more than minor dents and dings. Fender benders should be taken seriously. Make sure you take your vehicle to an auto shop for a thorough inspection. Although it may seem like a hassle, it is something that you should do for your safety and the safety of your passengers.