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Can It Be Repaired Or Does It Need to Be Replaced? – Part I

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Nearly 400 auto accidents occur every day in San Antonio. Auto Body and Paint shops across the city have to decide whether an auto part should be replaced or repaired after each accident. Sometimes, the insurance company will tell the auto body shop what to do. The paint and body technicians decide what repair is best. There are four options for your car’s collision repairs after an accident. We will take each one apart over the coming weeks.

Is It A Total Loss?

The value of your vehicle versus the cost of repair is what will determine which option you choose. Your insurance company may declare your vehicle a total loss if it sustains damage equaling 70% to 80% of its value. The insurance company may decide to pay you to sell your car for parts rather than pay to repair it.

Hail Damage Causes Total Losses

To be considered a total lose, your vehicle doesn’t have to be in an accident. Hail damage is one of the most common reasons for declaring a vehicle total loss. Sometimes, multiple small dents can cause more damage than one major one. Your vehicle may not be considered a total loss if it is still in good condition. With what is known as a salvage title, you can still keep your vehicle with your insurer. These vehicles are not usually eligible for comprehensive or collision coverage.

Next week, we will discuss how an autobody and paint shop deals with damage that can be repaired. Miracle Body and Paint is a San Antonio auto body shop that can help you save money on your deductible.