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What Technicians Do in Auto Collison Repairs

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Expert auto body repair technicians can restore a car to its former condition. They can even restore a car with extreme damages as a result of a collision event. So, it is a good idea to find a (collision center) with technicians who are highly skilled in auto body repair or parts replacement jobs. An article on CareerExplorer.com explains what auto body technicians do to restore a car after a car crash.

The Job of an Auto Body Technician

One responsibility of an auto (body shop) technician when preparing for a car repair job is to view damage reports. The technician also have to prepare cost estimates and plan the work. The technician may also need to remove damaged parts like grills, hoods, trim, fenders and bumpers and fix structural damages,  which requires chassis and car frames realignment.

Another job of the technician is removing dents and dimples and other car panel damages. The technician is also responsible in replacing parts andinstallingthem.Another responsibility of a technician is making sure that the car is ready for complete restoration, so grinding, sanding, buffing and priming have to be done on repaired and refurbished surfaces. After doing the tasks, the final step in the restoration process at a(paint and body shop) is applying new finish to body parts.

Types of Auto Collision Damage That Technicians Repair

Most types of car damage as a result of a collision event can be repaired by an auto body technician. Making a car function and look like brand new is the job of an auto body technician. Both minor damages like windshield cracks and major damages like an entire door panel damage can be repaired by an expert technician.

A technician needs tools to do their job. Removing damage parts, for example, require tools like metal cutting guns, pneumatic tools and plasma cutters. Complex structural repairs like body alignment should involve using heavy-duty hydraulic jacks and hammers. There are jobs, however, that only require common hand tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, pliers and metal files.

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