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What to do if you have Hail Damage in San Antonio

From time to time San Antonio can have some pretty big hail storms. Insurance companies love to send you to their preferred shops in these cases because it saves them thousands of dollars, but there really is no benefit to you. Because hail damage can be so destructive it is important to have your vehicle looked at by an experienced auto body shop that has experience with hail damaged vehicles. Here are some quick steps you should do if you find hail damage on your car or truck.

  1. Call your insurance company and let them know you have a claim. They may schedule you to have your vehicle looked at by an estimator but you can have your vehicle inspected by us for free as well.
  2. Try and dry off your vehicle. If the hail storm chipped your paint then it is a good idea to keep those areas dry to protect the exposed medal.
  3. Get an estimate from Miracle Body and Paint quickly. Most insurance companies work on a first call first served bases so they may take a while to schedule you for an estimate, but if you have your estimate done at Miracle, this may speed up your claim and get your vehicle repaired quicker.
  4. Know your deductible amounts. At Miracle body and paint we discount comprehensive claim deductibles as well so chances are you could save hundreds if not your full deductable if the hail damage to your vehicle is extensive enough.

While you can’t always avoid hail damage, rest assured that we are able to fix your auto body damage so that it looks like the storm never happened.