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What to Do If Your Car Floods

Spring is with us, and with it comes rising water levels, plus increased numbers of cars, people, and animals on the roads. You may reside in areas prone to flooding or your car can accidentally land in the water. Regardless of the situation, it pays to understand what steps to take when your car floods.

To be on the safe side, your professional auto repair shop Miracle Body and Paint brings you some exhaustive tips on what to do when your vehicle floods.

How Much Water Is Too Much Water?

Generally, in case the bottom of the car has been splashed, it’s fine. But, if the car is immersed deeper than half the depth of your tires, you should watch out for water damage.

The nearer to the ground your car sits; the higher the susceptibility of water damage.

Immediately After Submersion

The ideal way to save your car from floods is to tow it – stay away from starting a flooded vehicle. Always inspect the tires for any lodged debris that could lead to more damage during towing.

If the floodwater didn’t manage to reach the bottom part of the car doors, then all is not lost and repairs can be done. In many cases when the flooding or water gets to the dashboard of your car, most insurers will deem the vehicle totaled.

Once You Have Removed the Vehicle from the Water

Vehicles, particularly newer models are packed with computers, filters, electrical systems, plus additional systems that may not be shut off to water.

Check Fluids

 When you discover the oil or the rest of auto fluids are at an evidently higher quantity than the norm, or in case there’s water in the system, it’ll require to be utterly drained before being replaced.

Check Filters

Your car comes with filters for valid reasons. Still, the oil and air filters won’t serve their purpose, or work as expected if they are wet.

Check the Electrical System

Say your vehicle’s engine looks undamaged, go on and check the lights, the stereo system, electric windows, and the air conditioning. If these parts are working incorrectly, electrical damage may be the cause, and this is dangerous.

Start Drying the Interior

Mold can develop rapidly on the interior of your car, meaning it is imperative to get hot air drying services to eliminate the moisture.

When your car has flooded, getting professional help fast can make a world of difference. For all your auto repair and body needs, you can count on Miracle Body and Paint.