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What To Do When A Vehicle Crashes With Your Car (PART 1)
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What To Do When A Vehicle Crashes With Your Car (PART 2)

auto accident_3Here is the second part of San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint guide if you find yourself hit by another car:

Call the other driver’s insurance company

It’s true that the driver has the responsibility to get in touch with his or her own insurance company. It’s a good idea if you will call the other driver’s company too to avoid any delay when it comes to the auto collision reporting. You can ask the insurance company on how they will be handling the claim and clarify the steps that the other driver will be undergoing under their policy.

Request authorization

Some insurance companies require their policy holders to get a written authorization from them before bringing the vehicle for any repair or if you require medical attention. This situation often means an adjuster hasn’t given a go-ahead which in turn will give you problems with claims. Have them faxed or email any authorization to avoid delays.

auto accident_1Choose your own auto repair shop

Always remember that no insurance company can dictate where you want to have your vehicle repaired. You are allowed to choose your own auto repair center. Most if not all insurance companies have a list of “preferred shops.” These collision repair centers have pre cut deals with insurance companies that allow the insurance company to pay less money on parts and labor in the event you need your car or truck repaired. In exchange, the insurance company will strongly recommend these auto body and paint shops to all of their customers that have an accident. Miracle Body and Paint is an independent auto repair shop in San Antonio Texas who will work for you and not for the favour of the insurance company.

auto collision repair shop 3Educate yourself to get timely reimbursement

Learning your state’s fast payment law found in the unfair claims and settlement practices act. Knowing the facts including responsibilities can help make the process go faster and smoothly. The payment you will receive must always include:

  • Repairs or total loss value of  vehicle
  • Your car’s diminished value
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Rental car