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Auto Paint Jobs: A Few Things You Need To Consider

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Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio sheds some light on some of the most common misconceptions people have when it comes to car paint. Hopefully, this information can help you if ever you find yourself needing a paint job.

Can bird droppings really affect my car’s paint?

The answer is yes. Bird droppings contain acids that if unwiped, can get on your car and destroy its paint. The acid tends to weaken the paint’s clear coat and will eventually reach the paint color found underneath. Miracle Body and Paint strongly suggest cleaning dead bugs, bird droppings or sapping off your car as soon as you see them. Cleaning may take you a few minutes but it will help your car maintain its paint much longer. Having your car waxed can also help protect your car’s paint. It will be better if you take the time to ask a professional on steps when it comes to properly cleaning your car.

What happens to your car paint after an accident?

An easy way to test your paint is to run over your fingernails over the damaged area of the car. If the clear coat and paint has been damaged, it will snag on your fingernails. When this happens, you surely need to have it repainted. Skilled auto technicians will need to sand the damaged area down, repair the dented area, paint it, cure it and then seal it. Some people think that they are saving money in the long run if they choose not to get a new paint job, but they are gravely mistaken. Opting out of a new paint job significantly reduces the value of your car when it’s time to sell or replace it.

Do auto repair and paint shops use the same products?

Unfortunately, no. Some auto repair shops use paint waxes and sealants that are of low quality. If you use these subpar products, you’ll notice that the clear coat eventually wears off. It is always best to go to a trusted auto repair shop so you can be assured that the products and tools used to repair your car are the best in town. If you live in San Antonio Texas and surrounding counties, just head to Miracle Body and Paint now for high-quality auto repair and paint service you deserve.

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