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Why An Independent Auto Repair Shop Is A Better Choice

Been involvedย in an auto accident lately? Are you desperate to get your car fixed right away? Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas advises you to go to an independent auto repair shop first for an estimate.

One common misconception about independent auto repair shops is that they are just small businesses. Independent auto shops are not always that. In fact, Miracle Body and Paint is a fairly large operation in San Antonio Texas. Whatโ€™s good about Miracle is that it is not too large. You can still talk to its owner, Manuel Rubio, about any of your auto repair needs. Independent shops like Miracle Body and Paint do not rely on insurance companies to gain clients and customers. What we aim is for every single client to be satisfied with their actual auto repairs. Miracle relies on happy customers to refer us to their family or friends who might need paint and auto repair. That is how we have proudly grown and gained clients through the years.

There are thousands of collision repair centres in Texas, with every one of them claiming they are the best. Manuel Rubio recognizes this, which is why you can see him on site everyday checking and making sure that every vehicle repair meets the strictest quality standard. He is always available to anyone who wants to talk to him about their auto repair. At Miracle Body and Paint, you can always expect to be treated as a VIP client and nothing less. Manuel is also very selective and only chooses the best technicians and auto repair men in the San Antonio area. Our quality of service has garnered us an A+ rating with the BBB which is why you can trust that we have a truly best team for your needs. After an auto accident, we know you need assurance that you will be hiring the best auto mechanics to fix your car or truck. Not only do we prize our auto service calibre, we also boast of the discounts you can get. We pass discounts, with as much as 15%, directly to you.