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Why Bad Weather Causes Car Accidents

The U.S.  Department of Transportation reported that bad weather accounts for more than 12,000 car accidents in America every year, according to an article on TheFloodLawFirm.com.

The article also explains how bad weather ca  cause accidents. 

Car Accidents Because of Bad Weather

Bad weather can make it difficult for a driver to see beyond the hood of the car. It can also affect a car’s performance.

Snow may cover lines on the road. Icy patches can cause a car to spin out of control. Cars can also be blown off course by a high wind or get hit by debris. Even drivers who are excellent in driving can have an accident because of bad weather. So, it is important to make sure a car is well-equipped and to drive slowly when there is bad weather.

What To Do When There is Bad Weather

It is always best to not drive when the weather is bad. But, it is not always possible to do it especially to those who need to drive to and from work every day. People who need to commute daily in spite of bad weather are advised to practice their driving skills that are useful for bad weather, however.

The article also offers other important tips to prevent a car accident from happening when the weather is not favorable. One of them is to avoid using the cruise control function of the car particularly on wet or slick roads. Another tip is to avoid using the parking brake in cold or wintry weather. Still another tip is to remember to keep a follow distance of eight to 10 seconds behind the car in front of you.

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