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Why Does My Car Overheat?

engine_overheat_2One of the biggest fears you may have is the thought of your car overheating and you’re left stranded helplessly on the side of the road. In order to avoid this unfortunate scenario, Miracle Body and Paint recommends having your car regularly maintained and properly inspected. By having a regular auto maintenance schedule, you will be able to avoid a lot of auto accidents and auto collisions. To guide you along, Miracle Body and Paint lists down the most common reasons why cars overheat:

engine_overheat_3Your car is already low in coolant

This is the number one reason why an engine overheats. Not having enough coolant in the radiator, regardless of other engine problems, will make your engine overheat and eventually shutdown. Make sure to always check the coolant level during your regular car maintenance.

Your car’s cooling fan is failing

Your engine will start overheating soon enough when the electric cooling fan stops functioning. Remember that an electric cooling fan will start to malfunction as it gets older. Better make sure to have it checked by your trusted auto repair shop regularly.

engine_overheat_4Your car’s thermostat is not opening

Remember that the faster your car is moving, the more coolant your engine needs. There will not be enough flow to keep your engine cool if the thermostat does not work.

Your car’s fan has a broken belt

If your car’s cooling fan is driven by a fan belt, expect that it can malfunction at some point. Good news is, a fan belt is easier and not to mention cheaper to replace as compared to the electric type.

Your radiator is clogged

A car’s radiator will start to clog over time. You can avoid this and a possible overheated engine by making sure you flush your radiator every year.

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