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Road Safety Rules That Are Often Forgotten

road_safety_rules_forgotten_2We bet you knew all the rules of the road back when you where just starting to drive. But as time pass, those things you learned in driving school may have started to slip as you begin to rely more on your past driving experiences above all else. There are a lot of ways to keep yourself safe to avoid auto accidents and auto collisions, but knowledge on each and every rule may be the most important thing you need to equip yourself. Let Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas refresh your minds on the top three most often forgotten road rules:

road_safety_rules_forgotten_3Keeping a safe distance

You may have followed this rule to a T back when you were just starting to drive, but most probably you have forgotten all about it. You may have realized that you are now following the car in front of you too closely. Now is the time to back up a bit. Remember to give yourself enough space and time to stop if ever you need to do so in a hurry.

Using the left lane properly

A lot of people think that a highway’s left lane is meant only for breaking the speed limit. Think again, as this is not really the case. The left lane is supposed to be used only for passing others. It is better to stay in the right lane and follow the required speed limit. By doing so, you and your passengers will have a higher level of safety.

road_safety_rules_forgotten_4Remembering to use turn signals

A lot of drivers often neglect using signals even if it is very important. Most of the time, forgetting to use turn signals is not because a driver has forgotten to do so, but because he or she is too lazy to use it. You are definitely increasing your chances of getting into an auto accident if you fail to use the signals properly.

Miracle Body and Paint wishes everyone to remain safe as they drive. If you are looking for a quality auto body repair and paint shop, just contact us.