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3 Reasons Miracle Body and Paint is the Best Auto Body Repair Shop In San Antonio

There are hundreds of auto body shops in San Antonio, but when you have experienced an accident you don’t have the time or energy or sort through all of them. You want the best auto body shop working on your vehicle. Here are 5 quick reasons why Miracle Body and Paint is the best auto body repair shop in San Antonio.

1. We have more quality check points than anyone else in town. We hire the best body and paint workers in the city, and we have several managers oversee the work they produce to ensure the highest quality.

As a vehicle is moved along each stage of the repair process it receives a manger’s inspection. This helps catch any possible defects before they get worse.

2. Our manager to worker ratio is better than any shop of our size. Our managers manage no more than 8 team members at any one time. This means that they actually have time to do the necessary quality checks on every job. Many shops may have one manager to 12, 16 or even 20 techs. This leads to many mistakes.

3. We treat you like the client, not your insurance company.

Insurance providers have preferred shops that they want you to use. These shops have contracts with the insurance company that state how much of a discount the repair shop will give to the insurance provider in exchange for the insurance provider sending them cars. This means they have no incentive to keep you happy if want you want is at odds with what the insurance provider wants them to do.

If the insurance provider tells the shop to finish the job in less days then are needed to do it right, they may comply at the expense of the quality of the repair.

4. We have a dedicated team with very little turnover. Our staff is comprised of professionals with years of experience. Many on our staff have been with us over 10 years. All of our managers have over 15 years experience in the auto repair industry.

Because our team members look at their jobs as a career, they are dedicated to keeping you satisfied and coming back if you ever need us in the future.

5. We discount deductibles. Because we don’t have contracts with the insurance companies, we are able to work with all insurance providers and give the discounts directly to you.

Many people save hundreds of dollars or even have their deductible waived in full. While other shops claim to offer discounts, no one can offer discounts while still providing the quality of our work.

Let Miracle Body and paint prove to you that we are the Best Auto Body Repair shop in San Antonio, TX