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3 Reasons Miracle Body and Paint is the Best Auto Body Repair Shop In San Antonio
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Auto Collision Repair done right by the best Auto Collision Repair Shop in San Antonio

When you are in an auto collision, it is important that you pick a collision repair shop you can trust. At Miracle Body and Paint we take auto collision repair very seriously. We have specialized in auto collision repair for over 20 years. We strive not just to give you the best possible repair, but also to make sure you get the best customer service experience in town.

Here are 3 reasons to choose Miracle Body and Paint if you are ever in an auto collision.

1) We guarantee our work. – At Miracle body and paint we guarantee that your vehicle will look like it was never in an accident when you get it back. We also guarantee that our work will last. We have stayed in business by doing excellent work and we get more business from referrals then we do from our advertising. We truly believe that our great work speaks for itself and is what keeps us in business.

2) We give deductible discounts. – Why pay your full deductible to a shop that’s giving your insurance company a discount on your collision repair when you can save the money yourself?

Most preferred shops pass deductible discounts on to the insurance companies in exchange for sending the collision repair shop more business. We take those discounts and pass them on to you — some of our clients get their entire deductible discounted so they pay nothing out of pocket.

3) Our owner is on site. – Most auto body shops in San Antonio are run by a collision shop manager who has little reason to interact directly with customers. At Miracle Body & Paint, our owner, Manuel Rubio, is on site everyday and inspects 99% of the vehicles before they are returned to the customer. Each car must meet his high standards before it gets to the client, and in the rare case the client isn’t 100% satisfied he will do everything in his power to make sure any problems are corrected.

So if you ever find yourself in an auto accident and you need a collision shop to make your car look like new again, choose Miracle Body and Paint. We want to be your collision repair center for life.