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3 Reasons You Should Demand Water-Based Auto Body Paint

Solvent-based paint is known to have volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is the reason why auto paint shops like Miracle Auto and Body have already switched to water-based paint, which is free of VOCs. The switch reduces the health risks associated with exposure to VOCs such as eye, nose and throat irritation. Exposure to VOCs can also lead to damage to liver, kidney or central nervous system. however not all auto body repair shops in Texas use water-based paints.

Water-based or waterborne paint is safe to use. Using it instead of solvent-based paint improves the air quality in the auto repair and paint shop; thus, helping reduce the health risks to the paint specialists working for Miracle Auto and Body Shop. Furthermore, water-based paint helps save the environment and restore the look of a car with better paint quality.

Water-Based Paint Saves the Environment

Because the paint is less toxic than its solvent-based counterpart, it is less likely to leave harmful VOCs in the air. The new type of auto paint it leaves much less concentration of VOCs in the air than its counterpart. And, the shift to water-based auto paint has led to paint companies creating new products.

Better Paint Quality

The composition of water-based paint allows for thinner application. It proves to be an advantage in multiple hues and striping application. It takes less clear coat to make the surface of the car even out when painting multiple layers. Moreover, the composition of the paint also gives the final painting outcome a cleaner or brighter look than that a solvent-based paint. Wet water-based paint on surface will have a different hue than its true color at first. But, once its dry, the paint takes on its actual color and is noticeably cleaner or brighter than a solvent-based paint of the same color.

Get a Cleaner/Brighter Auto Paint Job at Miracle Body & Paint Shop

An auto paint job at Miracle Body & Paint is always a job well done, thanks to the three-phase process that the shop employs. The entire process starts with application of primer to bring out the real color of paint. The second phase then involves the application of the environmentally-friendly paint. Finally, the car surface is applied with clear coat to protect the paint from fading while making the paint shine.