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3 Signs of Power Steering System Problem

3 Signs of Power Steering System Problem Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

The power steering system enables you to easily steer your car in any direction. The steering wheel’s  motions create pressure to the fluid that triggers the power steering pump. The power steering pump then causes a new piston to shift. It also changes the vehicle’s directing gears. Obviously, it will be very difficult to steer the wheels when the power steering system is malfunctioning. If it malfunctions, you can still turn the wheels but don’t expect the level of output you put in will show. This will ultimately lead to other problems down the road. This is particularly true if the system fails when you’re on the road in San Antonio, Texas. Miracle Body and Paint’s team of experts will be listing down  the top three causes of power steering failure. Let us help you prevent problems from happening and before they cause accidents in the future.

  • Wheels are harder to turn

One of the most common steering wheel problems is when the wheel is hard to turn. This happens when the level of power steering fluid is already low. Another possible reason is when the power steering belt is already damaged. The earlier you diagnose problems with unresponsive steering wheel, the faster you can do something about it.

  • There’s a squealing sound when you turn the wheel

When your turn the wheel and you hear a squealing sound, then this may indicate that you have low power steering fluid. The power steering fluid is easily replaced but the low fluid itself may mean that there is a leak within the power steering system. The problem won’t be fixed if you just add more fluid. In this instances, it’s better to contact your local San Antonio Texas auto repair shop. They can help you check for leaks and prevent further damage.

  • The steering wheel shakes in idle mode

Unexplained auto vibrations could be related to any number of difficulties. This could mean there’s warped rotors or engine mounts. Better to bring your car to your local San Antonio auto repair center to determine whether your car is shaking because of the power steering belt or of something else.