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Benefits of Cooling System Flush

Benefits of Cooling System Flush Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas will be explaining the benefits of a fluid flush, and why a fluid flush is advisable to be part of a full-system service.

What is a cooling system flush?

A cooling system flush or also referred to as a coolant flush or radiator flush is the process of completely removing the fluid from the system. We know that the coolant is drained and then replaced during a normal cooling system service but this only removes half of the radiator fluid content. A normal cooling system also doesn’t  clear out any scale and debris built-up. When your car undergoes a a full flush, a BG flush machine is used to help completely clear the fluid in the system. Auto technicians refer to this as a cooling system transfusion. Accumulated waste is flushed out of the system along with the coolant. Our auto technicians then use BG flushing chemicals in order to scrub the system clean. The next step is adding BG additives and conditioner in order to prolong the system life and protect it from future corrosion. The last step involves refilling the system with fresh, premium coolant.

What are the benefits to a coolant flush?

One of the biggest benefit of a coolant flush is getting rid of the old coolant before it becomes acidic. Coolant also breaks down over time just like oil. Antifreeze in particular turns highly acidic if not regularly replaced. Old and broken down coolants also contributes to  system break down, premature wear as well as corrosion if not serviced early on. Getting a coolant flush also extends the life of your cooling system because the coolant additives and protective lubricants are specially designed to protect the water pump and radiator. When the pump and radiator age,  they become less efficient and less responsive. If you regularly flush the system, you’re making sure that there are clean, functional additives going through your car’s engine.


Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio aims to protect your vehicle and help it last longer. That’s why we educate our clients about  preventive maintenance schedules and suggest fluid flushes if necessary. To schedule a cooling system flush today or if you need any other auto repair service, call Miracle Body and Paint.